Good Times 5K Series -- Race Information

No. Date Race Description
1 Jun 17 Temptation 5K

Temptation 5k – A summer favorite! There will be 20 boxes at the water stop. 10 for the guys and 10 for the gals. These boxes are here to “tempt” you. There are various prizes within the boxes, (Including $50.00 for one lucky gal and $50.00 for one lucky guy) but in order to claim the prize you must carry the box for the rest of the race, and back to the bar! There will also be standard age group prizes.

2 Jun 24 Hall of Fame 5K
Good Times Hall of Fame 5k – We honor one of our own on the HOF night. This year it is Don Gatton who has run every season since we started the Good Times Series back in 2003! Standard age group prizes will follow a brief ceremony.
3 Jul 1
The Birthday 5K
The Birth-Day 5k – to honor our country’s birthday this week! We will have prizes for the standard age groups and also prizes for the best costumes for those that want to jazz things
up a little! Costume categories: “Red”, “White”, and “Blue”.
4 Jul 8 Coaster Toss 5K

Coaster Toss 5k – An exciting week, indeed! Each participant will take a coaster with them to the start of the race. (You will need to write your bib # and name on it – we will provide them), and at the water stop there will be various buckets with prizes. Throw your coaster into the bucket and the coaster we pick out wins the prize! Prizes are: beach chairs, beach towels, beer, soda, and some other wacky items the Good Times crew can find! No standard age group winners this

5 Jul 15 Joker's Wild 5K
Joker’s Wild 5k – a new theme for 2014! We will sign up some of you who want to try your hand at stand up comedy. Each player will have 3-4 minutes of time to make the gang laugh. The winner will win something crazy! (We can accommodate about 6-8 comedians, and would like you to sign up before the race.) No standard age group winners this week.
6 Jul 22 Reverse the Course 5K Reverse the Course 5k – The quintessential debate; is the course faster in reverse, or faster the traditional way? The course is run in reverse from water stop to water stop. (the first ¾ mile and last ¾ mile are the same). We shake things up with the prize winners too!
7 Jul 29 Grab Bag 5K Grab Bag 5k - This is one of those weeks that everyone wins a prize! After you finish, there will be lunch bags with various shirts/clothing/items in them, and you get what you grab!
No standard age group winners this week
  Aug 5 Summer Break Summer Break – The Good Times crew takes one week off for some fun and sun.
8 Aug 12 Bikini 5K Bikini 5k – We return for the popular bikini night! Everyone that wears a bathing suit wins a gym towel. Who will be bold enough to run in that bikini? There will be standard age group winners as well.
9 Aug 19 Beer Time 5K Beer Time 5k – Aaahhh. Beer. This theme awards a beer (or beverage) to
everyone that crosses that finish line before “Beer Time”. What is that time?? It is 22:00 minutes for the
guys, and 24:30 for the gals. Something to work for! We will also have standard age group awards.
10 Aug 26 Last Call 5K Last Call 5k – We wrap up another year with our end of season awards night
where we tally the points for the season and give out plaques to the top three men and women in each age category! There will be no standard age group awards this week, as the overall series awards are a big deal as we wrap up summer and usher in the fall running season! See you next April!
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